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Coilovers / Suspension Questions and Answers

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    Does anyone know if any of the GX series car's suspesion fit Z20's???
    1986 GZ20 auto - daily...


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      TrackGZ20, the rears are VERY similar on the REAR! of a GX81/90
      Similar in regards to look

      JZX/GX 81/90 have LONGER strut on the rear, and the bushing at the bottom for the 19mm bolt. is only for a 17mm one . and your current bolt will not fit and then they will bounce round in the mount on the lower control arm if you use the 17mm size needed

      so in a round about way


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        Originally posted by Hengsta View Post
        Bump this thread back up.

        Whats springs rates should i be looking at?

        14kg front 12kg rear? or is that to much
        It depends what you want? I run 18kg up front and 12 kg rear.


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          how do you know what the weight rating is? are they printed on the springs somewhere or stamped?

          im wanting to change my rear springs as i do have coilovers but their only in the front and the damn stiff springs up front (i can stand on both strut towers and bounce and they basicly dont move) and they are height adjustable but the rears are just normal struts but my car is basicly a 4WD ATM

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