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**VIC: Stolen Grey 1UZ MX83**

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  • **VIC: Stolen Grey 1UZ MX83**

    Hi Guys,

    You may remember I was after a z20 and bought a 1UZ MX83.

    Unfortunately the Cressy was stolen out of my garage after only 1 month of my time with her and am, to say the least, dissapointed!!!

    If you guys in Vic see a Gun Metal Grey MX83 with NSW plates, let me know.

    I am still interested in a z20, a late model mz20 would suit me preferably without the obligatory 'BHG' so I can use it while I prep the 1UZ I have in my garage, out of my now deceased z31, and then make the conversion.

    As I said a couple of months ago, I will consider any on the market, but the budget did get squeezed with the break in.

    Anyway, let me know if you can help.

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    sucks to hear buddy
    it might be worth putting the rego and possibly your phone number on here so people could contact you if they see it?
    Ill definitely keep my eyes peeled for it
    My One off, High expectation, z20 doridriftmobile.. Yeahhhhh buddy!!!


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      Reg: BH79FW
      My Ph: 0425 797 642


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        shame about the cressie mate, just fyi you can get 1uz ma70 engine mounts from the us. make it a bolt in swap,i got a pair stashed in the shed for a rainy day


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          Great , thanks


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            Sounds like a previous owner with a spare set of keys


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              Originally posted by z20soarer View Post
              Sounds like a previous owner with a spare set of keys
              Agreed 100%.

              1 month after buying it?

              Thats where I'd be looking mate.


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                No, I've talked to him.

                It's a druggie, they burgled my house and took off with the keys and a dozen beers!


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                  previous owner goin interstate for a cressy is unlikely
                  sorry to hear, best of luck on the recovery
                  Originally posted by coFF33
                  Its very easy if your not retarded. If you are retarded and dont like to get dirty and try hard, then forget about it
                  Originally posted by GEEZ20
                  quicker than a super car??? what engine are u packing?

                  Originally posted by Sports sedan