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Considering a soarer, have many questions.

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  • Considering a soarer, have many questions.

    Hi guys, I have been shopping around for a 1980s 2 door rwd car, and i wanted the celica supra earlier, but since found that the soarer suits my situation better. In particular, a z20 thats on sale now. Having researched the celica supra deeply, I also got to know toyota GB and Diff and suspension parts. The soarer will be a 1989 GT2.0 Twin turbo Auto .
    So i have a few questions.

    1. Are the headlights plastic or glass? I ask because i saw a thread here about glazed headlights, and i thought cars from the 80s don't glaze because all their headlights are made of glass. I have a 80s proton saga right now, and i do not have to polish the headlights at all, they never glaze up. So i am perplexed why the soarer's one do, since the proton saga is an ultra low end car.
    2. Since the car is a recent JDM import to malaysia, the manual may be missing or in japanese only. Is the service interval and fluids list available here? Especially diff oil, auto trans oil, service interval..
    3. Is the air cond compressor some high tech one that is not compatible with other cars ?
    4. Does the front windscreen suffer from thermal stresses that could cause it to crack? Has anyone experienced cracking windshield for no apparent reason? It happened to my proton saga, for the 1st time after 25 years of driving it.
    5. What brake pads from other cars that are a direct fit ?
    Thats all for now, and i hope some one can help.

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    Headlight lenses are plastic.

    A/C Compressor is the same type as used on many different Toyota vehicles, made by Denso, they share similarities in internal and external design.

    I've never heard of windscreens cracking for unexplained reasons in z20 Soarers

    MA70 supra brake pads can be used.
    - Complete English z20 Wiring Diagrams
    - All Circuits
    - Every Connector
    - Completely in English.


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      Does the fuel pump fail every certain no of km ? I ask this because my carbureted car fuel pump still works after 700 000 km. One guy with a z10 soarer mentioned his failed, and he has less than half my mileage. I noticed this is common with fuel injected cars ie requorimg electric pump. Is there anyway to increase the life of the pump while daily driving ?
      Also is the z20 a car that is easy to break into ? I am concerned about theft and lock picking.