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  • Hi from Oz

    Hi guys, name is Daniel and i'm from Melbourne Australia.

    Just got myself a 1990 MZ20 GT. In the process of getting it roadworthy. Has been in storage for couple of years, so doing a full fluids and filters change plus some seals that are leaking. TEMS seems to work but the shocks themselves are rooted.


    Can't wait to have it all back together and have a drive in anger!

    Cheers Daniel
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    hey mate looks really good. whats the plan for it?


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      Plans for now are just to get it roadworthy. so new shocks (coilovers), need to get pass window working and fix stalling on decal. longer term prob more boost, mhg and then more boost and see how the 7m handles it.
      diff needs looking at as build plate says lsd but it single spins on jacks. plus new bushes all round.

      would like to get some different rims but might just strip and repaint these for now.

      cheers daniel