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  • New Soarer fan from Malaysia

    Hi there, I am a gen X er from malaysia, who has been struggling financially for a long time, and finally has some cash to enjoy life, and I am now looking for a soarer. I wanted a Celica Supra earlier but after sitting in the back seat, i decided that my kids will hate it, after some researching and actually test drove a 1st gen soarer, i think a 1st or 2nd gen is the car for me.

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    The are nice cars, are there many around in Malaysia?
    - Complete English z20 Wiring Diagrams
    - All Circuits
    - Every Connector
    - Completely in English.


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      No..there are very few soarers here. Most are 3rd gen. Then the first gen..i count about 6. The second gen i only know of 2 cars. One was just imported in 2014 and still at the dealer. Another one a guy owns..this same guy owns a soarer z10 and a 3rd gen too. So 1st and 2nd gen...very rare, esp more so 2nd gen.