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    Hey All,

    I have recently become an 1988 MZ21 owner and i'm based in Sydney. I wanted to stop by and say "HI".

    The car is fitted with a 1J and overall in decent condition, but still with one million things that need fixing up.

    I have not had much success finding workshop manuals and wiring diagrams for the car.
    Is someone please able to send them through? I assume they are floating around in the forum somewhere. I can supply my email over PM.

    I'm also not having much luck with the search function as if I search "wiring diagram" or "brake" it returns "There are no results that meet this criteria." any pointers would be appreciated.


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    Other things im also trying to figure out are:

    My self cancelling is not working at all for the indicators. Is the indicator stalk meant to spring back to the centre or is it meant to latch in position? I have an aftermarket wheel and boss kit. There seems to be a slide surface where the indicator stalk meets the column, is there meant to be a raised notch to cancel the indicators on the column? pics would be great.

    My car has no horn connected at the moment. Is the connector that the horn goes to available? From the look of it the connector is larger for the MZ21 than other Z20's? If the smaller connector is available I could source a new slip ring of another Z20. Also anyone know which pins do the horn?

    Hole in the dash
    Lastly what is this hole in the dash for?


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      Welcome! This place is a ghost town now with stupid old facebook taking over, so you may want to head on over there as much I hate to say that....
      JZZ31 GZ20