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  • Attempted Account Hacks

    Hi All,

    We have been the subject this week of repeated brute force account hack attempts originating from Russian IP sources.

    I've taken precautionary measures and blocked the subnets of the originating offenders, however as they are using quite complex botnets it may be impossible to completely block it out.

    Whilst it doesn't appear like any accounts have been compromised at this stage, I would suggest for your own account safety that you change your password to something complex containing a Capital Letter, a Number and an alphanumeric character, such as #, $, % etc.. The next revision of the forum will require this as a security measure, so best to get in the practice of doing it now.

    If you get an email generated by our system suggesting that someone has attempted to access your account from an IP Address that seems suspicious.. Please post the information to this thread and I'll block each subnet zone accordingly.


    EDIT: There is shitloads of traffic coming from China also. Four times as much as from Australia. And from just the one IP also. Highly unlikely.. Also Blocked.

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    On second thought, going through the traffic logs.. The Chinese based traffic is starting to concern me as its all the same kind of traffic which indicates its an annoying Robot trawling the site (like Google) or its something a bit more sinister.

    Hence I'm immediately implementing a series of block ranges. I don't usually like doing this as it means we shut our site off from a section of the world, but it needs to be done..

    I've blocked large subnets of Chinese IP's already and will continue doing so over the next week.


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      For me I first got an Email of 5 failed login attempts and Yes it was from a Russian IP - This happened on 23rd September then again on 26th September

      Perhaps you can change the Login attempt limit from 5 to 2 for a bit more safety.
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