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Another Thing to Note,

Given that the Soarer, not unlike many other Toyota's of its time had both an early model and a later model revision, each with their subtle differences, This section will state and clarify what parts apply to what models.

We will use the standard Japanese naming of "Zenki" for Early Models and "Kouki" For Late Models. This format is currently used to differentiate many 80's Toyota's such as the AE86 as an example.

For reference purposes,

Zenki will apply to All Soarers built between January 1986 and January 1988. This is the Soarers with the 2nd Gen 1GGTE, the 1GGEU, and the 1st Gen 7MGTE. These Soarers are noted for their Red "Winged Lion" emblem on the front grille which is in a Honeycomb pattern. The rear tail-lights on Zenki Soarers are plain and dull, and appear to be comprised of two halves.

Kouki will apply to All Soarers built between February 1988 and end of line production in April 1991. These Soarers have the white "winged lion" emblem on the front grille which is a revised chrome grill. The tail-lights are the most noticeable aspect of these cars, appearing to be in 3 parts with a strip across the middle containing the Soarer badging. This will apply to 3rd Gen 1GGTE's, and 2nd Gen 7MGTE's

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