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ok guys, im doing my conversion tonight.

VasH, you have a good list of things you will need however, i didnt find it detailed enough :O

Currently the parts i needed to source were as follows.

Flywheel bolts to hold the clutch to the flywheel face X6 (high tensile)
Clutch pedal
Clutch master cylinder (A70 supra)
slave (MA61 supra) (now with your slave cylinder, usually there is a small metal rod that goes from the anodised seat in the slave to the clutch fork. new slaves do not come with this and it needs to be sourced from toyota direct as a genuine part. fortunatly, they are kept in sydney and dont need to be brought in from Japan)
Clutch fork (should come with your bellhousing)
Gearbox (w55,57,58)
Clutch Line for between slave and master (got mine made up outta braid, $120 bucks, make it about 1 metre long)
Throwout bearing
spigot bearing
alignment tool

This is the detailed list of what you will need, if i have forgotten anything ill fix it up.

Ill post up some pics of the conversion as its getting photographed for a local forum.
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