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Default struts

just wanted to no what is the best way to access the rear struts, remove rear seats?

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yea you have to take off the rear parcel shelf, im pretty sure you need to have the backrest out to remove the shelf then you can clearly get to the strut tops.
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You can try to lift the parcel tray without removing the rear seats, but its a PITA. You need to pop up the speaker covers and then the parcel tray will just lift upwards, but its held down in the corners by the C-pillar trims. Chances are you won't be able to get it high enough to get a ratchet in there for the top strut bolts (3x12mm) without damaging it...

If you're really persistant/skillfull you could try to actually remove the parcel tray by lifting front and back to disengage the clips and curve it enough to slip one side out from under the C-pillar trim...

But realistically, easier to just remove the seats as its only a case of popping up the latches at the front of the base and then undoing the 2 10mm bolts holding the backrest in place, lifting that up off its hooks and go-go-jo!
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